Friday, July 10, 2009

Blaine's Old Fashioned 4th

This is usually a fairly bare street with a few cars driving on it.

Sitting in a tiny old camper. It was the cutest thing and seemed brand new because they had done such a cool job restoring it.

The table inside the camper.

We'd never seen a truck with such a squatty nose!

"Horseless Carriage" that had a license plate on the back with only two numbers, a "mileage ration A" card in the back window. It also had a sticker in the window that said "1951 vehicle license." I find old cars to be so interesting. Imagine what life was like when this car was brand new.


Peace Portal Drive Parade

Ladies from the Red Hat Society. I just love how bright and cheery they are. I can't help snapping photos and sharing them.

Coast Guard Auxiliary

A mirror image of the crowd watching the parade.

All four of us are in this shot, but The Mr. isn't paying attention!

The Higgins

To hear more of their music, click here to see a compilation video I put together from the concert.

A dog with a crazy hairdo.

Seahorse sculpture made from horse shoes and random scrap metal.


...and being silly.

On the Plover ferry.

Mother harbor seal and baby.

Baby checks us out.

Another baby. I think we saw around 6 baby and mother pairs and one baby that was alone. The mothers leave their babies shortly after birth to go on a huge feeding so it isn't uncommon to see brand new babies all alone.

Pearl Django serenaded us with their acoustic music while we waited for the fireworks to start.

When you ask for gluten free icecream treats, sometimes you get cartoon characters like Batman with gumballs for eyes.

Beautiful sunset.

The fireworks were the best I had ever seen. We were around 100 feet from where they were lighting them off. (We could see the firework crew moving around in the smoke lit up by fire.) Two different times there were bursts of fireworks so amazing that people clapped and thought the show was over but the fireworks would promptly start again.

I really will try hard in the future to weed through the photos with a little more effort. I know this was a lot of photos for one post!


  1. Yes, but great photos! You captured a lot of great memories there. I was actually in Blaine getting gas that day, but had zero time to stop and enjoy the festivities...looked fun tho! Glad you all had a good time! (hope the Mr did too!)

  2. This is one of my favorite posts!! I loved everything about it! It makes me wish I was in the U.S for the 4th or I even want to Wascana for the 1st! Brad was working though :( and I guess we just had little buckeroo... haha I LOVE the firework pictures!!! Makes me feel a little better even though I missed ours! I also LOVED the red shiny truck at the beginning and I MUST ask - what type of Batman dessert was that??? My dad would have killed for one!!!!!!
    -normally would sign "preggo" but as it doesn't apply I am currently nicknameless :( haha

  3. What a fun day! Sometimes the little towns have more memorable events! Awesome pics of the fireworks--I tried doing the same, on a tripod, with a very scared three year-old in my lap, so my results were not what I hoped with all the wigglin'. Love the reflection in the wheel photo too!

  4. Hey, lots of photos are good! I don't think you should cut back at all. Loved this post, looked like fun!

  5. Awesome batch of photos. Small town celebrations are the VERY BEST! :-) Looks like the perfect 4th of July celebration. :-)

  6. I am currently SO hungry for that creepy looking popsicle : ) I love the pressed ice type texture of those nasty little things : )

  7. Sounds and looks like a great time. Don't cut back on the pictures what ever you do, they're the best part! :D


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