Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seabrook Part 2

Here's a little video I put together of Petra playing on the beach. :) No towels were ruined in the making of this video.

Sallad and Petra check out the water while The Mr. stays bundled up and dry.

I loved looking down the beach and seeing the mist. To the people a mile away, that is probably how it looked at our part of the beach. I guess that is why your camera lens ends up with salt dust on it. Next time we go to the beach I plan to bring my OLD camera!

Bri loves the sand and had fun climbing up and down this little dune.

Bri is so brave around Petra.

J4 and SB are great friends.

Some interesting sea life on a log Petra was chewing.

Proof the sun came out.

Bri got hold of a large bull kelp and walked around dragging it behind her. It looked like she was whipping people with it, even her grandma!

SB's parents. The Mr's sister and brother in law.

I love how the trees are permanently blown away from the ocean.

A jellyfish just a little bigger than a silver dollar.

Some went for a swim, I just sat on the sidelines!

The next day the sun was out! It was such a treat to see the beautiful blue sky against the green water and white waves. I didn't take my camera on the beach this time, so all these shots were taken from the top of the stairs. A nice safe distance from all that grit!

A lot of people swam. I only made it up to my knees, but regretted not going further!

Seabrook has so many old style cute homes.

How everyone warmed up after the frigid ocean water.

The view from the third floor- where the Mr. and I stayed. Not only was it a games room and toy area, there were two day beds and a huge sectional couch.

One thing we could have used was more seating!



  1. Ha! hilarious picture of four on one small couch trying to eat too! Looks like an awesome time!

  2. Ha! hilarious picture of four on one small couch trying to eat too! Looks like an awesome time!

  3. Wow Coralee. you really captured the essence of out time at the beach. These really bring back memories. Too bad you don't feed Petra better so she would have a little energy:)
    Mom J

  4. Awesome video of Petra! She is so cute and full of life. Really good memories...


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