Friday, July 3, 2009

Ocean Shores

The third day of our vacation, we said goodbye to our rental house. I still miss the beautiful coastal decor! We decided to spend the day in Ocean Shores, WA. There was a fair going on while we were there and it was the busiest any of us had ever seen it. The convention center was full of booths selling or showing things and the parking lot had rows of concession stands. There were kites everywhere of course. It was the day of their annual sandcastle building competition as well as chainsaw carving. I think they call it their "Sand and Sawdust Festival."

Goodbye beautiful house. If anyone is interested in the info for this rental property, here is the link. Even if you aren't interested, go ahead and visit the site if you want to see how beautiful and spacious this home is!

One of many chainsaw carvers.


Our nephew B with a "world famous" elephant ear.

The cutest member of The Red Hat Society I've seen yet. The hair piece is beautiful and you know how I LOVE crochet!

You can't really tell how big these kites are by looking at the photo. I'd say the highest one was as big as a car!

We also visited the jetty but I decided to leave my camera behind once again, so all I have is this photo taken from our parking spot.

When we got back and Bri was dressed in clean dry clothes, she thought Petra's kennel was a little home to explore.

Brave girl!

I love that face!

Her smile in this photo is so contagious. Look at Petra's tongue too!

Waiting patiently for dinner, all crammed into a four person booth!

YUMMY! You just have to eat seafood when you are at the ocean. We ate at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is SO GOOD! I'd go back for sure. The restaurant is in the back of a seafood market so they serve very fresh seafood!

Goodbye for now! We want to come back soon.


  1. Thanks for your comment! Those ladies and gents bathroom signs sound really neat.

    This vacation looks like so much fun! All of these kids are Ca-UTE!!! Kelly

  2. The pictures of Petra and Bri are adorable! I love that tongue! :)


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