Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Love Camping in the San Juan Islands

Here are some photos from days 3-5 of our camping trip.

If you are camping in the San Juan Islands, make sure you take all your gear in large Rubbermaid containers so you only have to clean up raccoon paw prints and not the mess they make of your supplies! The taller size are perfect for sliding under the picnic bench so they are raccoon proof the whole night.

Sallad and Grace's tent.

Cool Chris-Craft at Roche Harbor. I think the three different seating "couches" on this boat are neat. It is such a strange arrangement, but looks comfy for cruising!

Mmm, ketchup. Who needs fries when you have fingers!?

Evening view from the campsite.

On our way to meeting Lord's day morning.

Mr. James Bond..... I mean, The Mr.

Grace and I.

It was strange getting dressed for meeting while boat camping. I kept my jeans on until we got to dry land because it's not really practical tying lines and dropping fenders with a dress on!

Our plan was to drop Sallad and Grace off at the boat launch in Anacortes, then The Mr. and I would park the boat at a marina nearby and they would come get us in their truck and we would all go to meeting in Marysville. Well, when we got to the boat launch, the tide was so low that the dock was completely out of the water! Thankfully we had an inflatable kayak and Sallad rowed his way in.

Excuse the poor photo quality as I took it through the window of the boat. Have you ever seen a motoring sailboat motoring this fast?! It looked hilarious to see, as usually sailboats motor at just a few knots. I think it's a MacGregor.

Friday Harbor ferry dock.

Outside one of our favorite places to eat in Friday Harbor, Haley's Bait Shop. This is an excellent restaurant with amazing Thai chicken wraps that are gluten free. If you ever visit, the wraps are under the salad menu because they are more like toppings you pile on top of romaine lettuce leaves than the traditional tortilla wraps.

Popeye, Friday Harbors resident harbor seal who is blind in one eye. You can see that it is clouded over. Here is a statue of her. (Yes, Popeye is a girl, they thought she was a boy until she gave birth to a baby!)

My, what huge nostrils you have Popeye!

Almost looks tropical.

The first time I have ever been able to take a photo of the stars. Of course this still doesn't show the layers and layers of stars we could see. Sallad showed me what setting to use, thank you so much!

This was such an amazing night. When The Mr. and I got down to the boat, there was some sort of a large animal (most likely a harbor seal) swimming around our boat and surfacing and breathing really heavy. It was pitch black all around us so it was pretty creepy! It was amazing to be in complete blackness and silence, and listen to the seal moving around and breathing.

Floating Art Gallery

Orcas Island Ferry Dock

Rosario Resort (See the mansion on the left?)

When we pulled up to Rosario, there were hundreds of jellyfish in the water! These are Moon Jellyfish, which are distinguishable by the four pinkish horseshoe markings.

Here is a clear shot of the four pinkish horseshoe markings.

A little family climbed into this plane and they flew away like it was something they did every day. How fun!

I love old buildings, they have a lot of character.

Here is what the sign says, I typed it all out as I love history!

This figurehead is from the clipper ship "America". She was build in 1874 at Quincy, Massachusetts by Deacon George Thomas. Her original owners were Thaver&Co. of Boston. In 1887 she was put in the pacific coasting trade and was wrecked on San Juan island in the year 1914.

The "America" has some notable voyages to her credit, namely, from New York to San Francisco in 89 days and from San Francisco to Liverpool in 102 days.

Captain J. S. Gibson at one time her commander, records that this figurehead was a source of much pride to him. That it had many times in many ports been remarked upon as being one of the most artistic figureheads that ever graced the bow of a ship and there is probably no other on an American vessel that has been mentioned so many times in public print. It is carved from a solid white pine log.

This is erected by me to commemorate a beautiful sentiment in ship building now becoming a lost art.

Figure donated by Captain James Griffiths.

Rosario 1916 Robert Moran

Calm, tame deer hanging out.

Rosario Resort at the mansion. There are pools, there are tours of the mansion and when we were there, a beautiful wedding was taking place. This place used to be booming, but when we were there it was pretty empty. You couldn't even get a glass of water. It looked like everything was closed, but they were still giving tours and they said they have great plans for the place.


... and now!

I think these old lines are still in use as they looked well taken care of. You can buy those glass parts in antique stores.

Bald Eagle

Baby Seagulls. Excuse all the dripping poo. :)

Now, here are some home movies!


  1. What a great variety of pictures! I liked the floating gallery--I wonder how much business they get! The old resort looked really neat, probably many memories made there. I hope it will be booming once again. All those jellyfish-do they sting? As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. When I grow up I want to go camping in the San Juan Islands! Will you teach me how? I loved seeing the jelly fish. I remember when we lived in Everett, taking the kids down to the docks and seeing the jelly fish. Fun memories. Grammy

  3. Wow! This trip looks so fun and beautiful! I loved the videos!

  4. Oh Chatty! Your photos blow my mind, fantastic! And the story of the dock and the low tide, what a hoot!!

  5. hard to tell the difference between the boys and the seal!
    Great pictures Coralee! Looks like a wonderful trip!

  6. What a trip! Looks like fun :)


  7. Wow, all the wildlife you saw is amazing! Especially the jellyfish! All, the pictures were great and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Looks like a wonderful trip; the photos are fantastic! I'm glad someone out there is relaxing.

  9. Wow it looks like such a lovely trip and your photos are gorgeous!


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