Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 2 of our Fabulous Boat Camping Trip

The campsite as seen from our boat the next morning.

A hot breakfast of Dutch Fry (scrambled eggs with small cubes of ham, cubed fried potatoes and grated cheddar,) fruit salad and orange juice.

These travel booster seats are the best. It not only kept Bri in her seat for each meal, but it kept her safe from wandering too far from camp, which is especially important when your camp site is on cliffs! She was either held, in her seat or in the tent being watched at all times.

And we're off for the day! I love how comfortable Bri is on boats. She has been on boats since a couple weeks after she was born.

Sallad, Grace and Bri.

This was the most photo filled of all the days because we did something that all of us have wanted to do for a while now. We crossed the border into Canada via the water. It is really neat to enter into international waters and land in Canada with only a phone call and exchange of numbers. All five of us on the trip were Nexus members and that really speeds things along.

International waters. The one thing I kept thinking was "boy it would be easy to run aground here!" Look at all those tiny pieces of land that would be hard to see during different tides.

Hello Sidney BC!

I just noticed now that this lamp post only has 2/3rds of it's lights and this is probably the 8th time I've looked at it.

The Port of Sidney Marina is so beautiful!

We had fun posing with bronze statue people. Notice the shoes.

Notice the purses.

Notice the flowers. He he. The fisherman was actually tying a lure, but someone had placed flowers in his hands so we made The Mr. copy the statue, as it was his turn!

Veterans Club

A neat place to trade in your old boat stuff, search for treasures and antiques (Dad- they didn't have any oil cans!) or pick up pirate and boat themed decor.

This box was not for sale or else we would have bought it.

Sidney Pier

Tide Pools

We ate lunch at the cafe on the right. YUMMY!

The staged but very cool tidepool outside the Ocean Discovery Center. We didn't go inside because it looked expensive and kid oriented, but it looked really cool and I really want to go there someday. Click on that link and I think you will agree with me.

I got a ton of starfish, sun star, sea anemone, hermit crab and sea urchin photos, but they were blurry. More so than this one! You can see a huge sun star in the center of the photo, which is what ate/let loose all our crab last year!

A beautiful stone at Mineral World and Scratch Patch. It's a store that sells $3000 stones right alongside $7 quarts necklaces. It has a play area where kids can pan for gold or choose semi precious stones to fill a bag. For a lot of money of course, but there aren't any signs that say you can't hang out and play for free!

A boat load of fun. He he.

Isn't that butter yellow boat so pretty! I love how anything painted in this particular shade of yellow looks retro.

Sidney Spit is a popular destination in the Gulf Islands.

The water was so cold that I didn't even stick a toe into it. The guys were so brave though! Later I am planning on posting a video and you can see them dive in and watch their reactions.

Celebrity Cruises on it's way back from Alaska.

Our keepers! Yummy dungeness crab.

Hello there crab, I'm going to eat you!!! (Don't you think he looks worried?)

All ready to be steamed. A huge thanks goes to the nice man who showed us how to do this. I am planning on putting the video up so that everyone else can learn too!

Dinner in the dark. This was SO much fun! We had lemon, butter, steamed veggies and yummy mashed potatoes to go along with more crab than any of us could eat in one sitting.

The aftermath. And with that ending note, I'm going to go and get a snack. These photos made me so hungry!


  1. I LOVE the pictures with you guys and the statues! What a super cute idea!!!
    Also, the stone picture, or whatever it is if you look at it and look at the picture of Bri right above it, they have the same colours! It matched her dress quite well! haha
    And Brad will be so jealous of all that yummy crab!! I even want some hehe
    - still waiting for a new nick-name "not-preggo"

  2. Maybe you passed the cruise boat carrying Eric and Lorraine and Alan and Joyce and families : ) Your crab dinner looks delish even though I don't eat crab! And Ezra likes to say "hello (insert some food here) I'm going to eat you!" all the time. That made me giggle : )

  3. Wow! awesome pictures. I just got the canon powershot SX110 (refurbished model). That's a great picture of the table after dark is it a special setting (on the camera)? That crab does look quite dubious. Can't wait to hear/see about the rest of the trip!

  4. Sjo- the photo of the table after dark was just taken on auto without the flash! Of course those types of photos show up blurry, but then it helps hide all the mess too!


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