Friday, May 15, 2009

Petra's Froggy Friend

Disclaimer: No frogs were harassed tormented harmed completely smooshed in the making of this video.

My favorite part is at 2:05 where the frog makes her jump! I don't know why Petra likes holding the frog under her chin/jowels but it's cute. I also don't know how a dog that can knock me over can play with a tiny frog for 5 whole mintes and the frog doesn't die. She is so gentle!


  1. Soooo cute - our do the same thing - remember the snake last year ;p

  2. Liam loved to watch your pup-poo!

  3. Fun! K & B LOVED this video!

  4. I watched it with Brianna and the whole time she kept going "ugh! ugh!" which is her sound for doggies. Very cute video.


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