Saturday, April 18, 2009

Whistler, British Columbia

A few weeks ago The Mr. decided it was time for a trip to Whistler, so last minute a hotel was booked, our bags were packed and we were off. It was time to make good use of our Whistler Edge cards and get out on the slopes. Things looked promising as we drove through the mountains with blue skies and lots of white on the peaks. I don't have very many photos of the drive even though it is spectacular because the entire highway is under construction in preparation for the 2010 Olympics. Most of my photos either had power lines with ribbons hanging off of them or muddy machinery somewhere in the photo.

I always find bridges interesting, especially when they add a burst of color to the scenery.

When we arrived in Whistler, it wasn't raining. I know that sentence sounds silly, but it is often raining when we visit Whistler in the spring. We were very happy to see that the streets were dry. Another thing that often happens, is that we take a couple of wrong turns trying to find our hotel, which I have to say repeated itself once again this time. There are a lot of little winding streets in Whistler village and Google maps led us astray. Once we took a couple of random turns, we found where we were staying- Adara Hotel.

The front doors.

Check out the modern decor in the lobby! I must say the round metal chair was fun to look at but pretty uncomfortable to sit in. :) This was the kind of hotel where everyone wanted to do everything for you, but I think we got away with only needing to tip once.

This was our room. Those blankets across the ends of the bed were faux fur, the pillows were feather and everything was perfectly staged. The decor was very modern and Swedish. There was a huge floating desk/TV stand/fireplace unit on the wall across from the beds, complete with a white molded plastic chair covered with a sheep skin. You can see the wall unit and chair in this online photo. It was fun to pretend I liked that kind of decor, but I was glad it was only for a few days!

The view from our window, you could see some Whistler ski runs and we were only a few minutes walking distance from the Whistler and Blackcomb gondolas!

Me. :) You can see the glass wall behind me that hid the shower. The water in the shower fell straight from the ceiling, which was cool, but it's hard to rinse soap off the bottom of your chin without getting water up your nose lol.

After getting settled in our room and taking a tour of the hotel to see if there was a hot tub (there was, and it was outside on the roof with a view of the ski hill which is a bonus) we headed out for supper. There are lots of yummy choices on the Whistler Village Green, which is a meandering brick area that most of the store fronts, some hotels and a lot of restaurants face. We ended up eating at Earls and The Keg during this visit and I was able to order gluten free at each of those places.

These lights were wrapped around several of the trees along the Village Green and I thought the photos turned out kind of neat.

Here is our hotel at night, looks cozy doesn't it?

When we got back to our room, the shades were drawn and just as I wondered about them, The Mr. said "Did you do that?" but then we noticed that there were other things about the room that had changed as well. Things were straightened and tidied a bit, the fireplace was burning and there were bottles and water and chocolates for both of us. There was also a little card that said "Just so you know, the weather forecast for tomorrow is as follows:" and then the little box with a cloud was checked, how cool is that? One other night when we came back, there was soft music playing over the satellite TV as well. They really go through a lot of work to make you feel comfortable!

This was the early morning view from our window the day we went snowboarding. Fresh snow! The forecast didn't even call for it, but we were so happy and couldn't wait to get up on the hill and make good use of it.


  1. Wow, that is a cool hotel! I agree, the decor is not my style either but it would be neat for a little while. Hey, sorry I didn't get to see you when you were down here! Hope you had fun.


  2. Wow... What fun!!!! Looks like an amazing trip. :-)

  3. Very fun hotel. I can imagine the soap off the chin/water up the nose issue : ) Thanks so much for helping watch my kids last night! Ezra made sure I knew that he saw "Miss C*" and played baby dolls : )

    *edited by Chatty.

  4. What an interesting hotel! Sounds like a mix of b and b with European. Like the turn down service with the chocolates! Whistler looks so fun! Harry has been there once prior to being married, but we haven't made the trip up yet. Waiting until the kids are older and can ski too. It must be fairly close for you guys, maybe an hour or so?

  5. The trouble with those places that do every thing for you is that when you go home you expect it to keep happening and somehow or other it doesn't! Bum deal!
    Nice pictures, as usual
    Mom J

  6. wow, what an amazing little adventure!


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