Monday, April 27, 2009

Kirkland and a Six Year Old

One of my favorite places to visit is the waterfront in downtown Kirkland, WA. There are lots of fun memories there, as Kirkland is where my husband was living when we met and also where we lived for the first few months of our marriage. There have been visits with family, visits with friends and visits alone, but each one was enjoyable and memorable. This time we went to the waterfront with The Mr.'s mom. The weather was gorgeous! The air smelled salty from the ocean water and sweet from all the flowers blooming around us.

Then we went to J4's sixth birthday party. Look at the cute cake his mom made for him! I remember when he was just a newborn, it seems like just yesterday that his oldest brother was turning six!

The kids ate out on the deck, picnic style.

I got to know Brooke's little girl Kine a lot better, what a sweetie she is! We played dollies with her brother Ezra while the guys played racquetball.

Seeing this look on J4's face was so much fun. We got him a remote controlled sports car. :)


  1. Those are great pictures! Especially the tulips and statutes...but then I'm partial to those things! The waterfront in Seattle sounds neat, too.

  2. I love those little kid statues on the waterfront. We used to go spend the afternoon there in the summer often between BOB and gospel when we didn't feel like driving alllll the way home and back twice in one day : )


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