Friday, April 24, 2009

All Sorts of Stuff

Here are some random photos to answer the often asked question "so what have you been doing lately to keep yourself busy?" Enjoy!

Catching ginormous salamanders in the back yard so that Petra won't bark at them. They play dead and they make her nervous I guess.

Keeping Esther and Luke company while David is at school and Bashful and Shy are helping out at Doc's clinic. It's not really babysitting, as the kids basically take good enough care of themselves that I can look for odd jobs to get done around the house and it's generally a very fun and relaxing time. I want to do it more often as I've actually only done it once recently, but it was so much fun. (Bashful, if you are reading this... give me a call!)

Working on my photography skills. I think I need to work on my stealth skills, because Doc and Bashful's cat had seriously been rolled up in a little ball sleeping on the duvet for hours until he heard the click of the camera.

Reading books while catching a drive to meeting. I often call Luke "Little D" (his first name starts with D, for all you who are confused at this point) and the second line of this page says "little d."

Chomp! Having friends over for BBQ Bratwurst. Drooler ate that whole hotdog, he is getting so big!

Laughing at Petra. :)


  1. Yuck, I don't like those salamanders either, they look like the slimy ones that stink. We used to find them along with a dryer brown variety with a bright orange belly in our yard after a good rain. The orange belly's being the fun ones to catch cause they weren't smelly and slimy.

  2. Oh I so remember catching salamanders when I was young. Ha ha it kinda creeps me out now! As for the cat pics...they are so hard to photograph when they are asleep there is no sneeking up on them! I find that standing back and zooming in works the best.


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