Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had fun celebrating the new year! I can't believe it is January 2nd already. How exciting to be at the beginning of an entire new year, I wonder what it will bring?

Wednesday night after prayer meeting, a few of us stayed around to wait up until 2009. It was so much fun! There was tons of yummy food and great company. The kids ran around like they had been cooped up inside their houses for a long time, which was actually true. With all the cold weather, snow, rain, canceled school and canceled meetings they hadn't had time with friends and a place to run free for quite a while. I think our eardrums are damaged, but it was worth it to see the kids having so much fun. For a while the kids were playing charades and I took a lot of videos of their acting. In the background, I caught one of the little girls saying "TWO more hours till something MAGICAL happens." Ah the joy of being young!

Shiloh Enoch

Here is a video of three little girls taking their turns at acting. (I apologize for the poor upload quality of these videos!) I love the expressions on their faces and their enthusiasm. My favorite guesses for the last charade are definitely"Blocking people so they can't get by!" and "Moss!" (moths).

Esther and Chiquita playing a Dora the Explorer game. There is this massive boardroom table and at one point all the kids were sitting on it playing games. Somehow being on top of a table is so much more fun than being on the floor when you are a kid.

At this point they were playing with the card shuffler thing that some sort of crazy Uno game came with.

What a great smile! I love gummy grins.

The Scientist, aka Lily's husband Microchip assembling part of a hydrogen bomb to ring in the new year.

Isn't this the most adorable photo ever? This is Shiloh modeling the brand new Wallaby sweater Aunt Knittery knitted for him. It's just perfect for his coloring and looks so comfy! Most of the sisters had either knitting or crochet to do, so while the guys tinkered around making things to explode, we had a very nice time creating and conversing.

The bombs were ready! Here are the videos:

The bottle was ruined! What a fun experiment.

The kids also enjoyed "fireworks" and I loved how excited they got each time one went off.

We agree Shiloh, it's time to go home and go to bed! He is wearing the hat I crocheted for him. It brings back memories of Drooler and Phi wearing theirs when they were little.


  1. That was a fun time! You did a good job documenting the evening! :)

  2. Always good to start the new year with a bang :) I LOVE that wallaby. It's perfect for him--and your hat goes quite well with it, Chatty!

  3. I agree with Tracy. You caught all the high points. May I have permission to copy the photos of Shiloh?

  4. Thanks ladies. :)

    Aunt Knittery- definitely!


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