Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Visit From Friends

The Mr. and I had a four day weekend with our friends from over at Little Moments. You can see her version of the trip here, and I think she is planning on posting more photos too. We had such a fun weekend, and the best way to share it with you would be to post photos, so here we go!

XBox night for the guys turned into a night for the kids! This was a Lego game.
(L to R- Little D, Drooler, David and Esther.)

ioi's kids all in a row!

Four on the couch. The guys eventually got to take over the XBox!

Phi serenading us.


Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC.


Fountain outside the Bloedel Conservatory

Downtown Vancouver, as seen from outside the conservatory.

The little mountain goats. Actually, Drooler was roaring like a lion the whole time.

It is such a beautiful park. If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest you visit it!


  1. What fun! I just love a house full of people and children. Lovely flower pictures!

  2. Hi C, I love your photos. The picture of the big red flower especially. It would make an awesome poster. It's a creation color explosion!
    This blog is a fun read.


  3. Sounds like such fun! I love the flower shots too! I think i need to chat with you and get some blogging tips. :) ...sometime when i find the time. :)


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