Friday, October 31, 2008

Tennant Lake

If you ever have a few minutes to spare while you are in Ferndale, WA. go for a walk at Tennant Lake. Supposedly they have a great boardwalk that gets you up close and personal with the lake and the creatures living there. Unfortunately for Mom J and the Mr and I, they are closed during hunting season. Who would have guessed!? Not us! We were all ready and rearing to go and if it wasn't for the closed and locked gates and all the signs we might have become someones dinner.

What we did get to see, was the beautiful fragrance garden. It is designed for the blind and is spectacular. They encourage smell as well as feel there, so nothing is off limits and there are 100's of plants. Who would have guessed there were so many different types of wonderful smelling herbs! There were the regulars but several different varieties of each- sage, rosemary, thyme etc. and then there were different types of hyssop, lavender, chamomile etc. the list could go on and on. It was amazing to rub the leaves of each different variety of the same plant and smell the subtle differences. What an amazing creation God has given us to explore! There was a massive honeysuckle type plant that created a little alcove with a bench that was still blooming. There were a lot of roses still blooming but also the cut back remains of other perennials. We were a little late in the season for those!


  1. It's beautiful up there! Thanks for stopping my my blog. I have Giveaways every Win It Wednesday usually. :) See ya soon.

  2. That's neat, we'll have to go there sometime! Maybe next spring or summer. Thanks for sharing.


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