Monday, September 15, 2008

Granville Island Once Again!

I will never tire of it! This time we took my sister Kim right before she flew home. It was a fun way to end her visit. There are always so many new things to take photos of as well as the old. This time we found so many more shops that we somehow missed completely during our last visits.

Yum! Ok, maybe not as they are in the photo, but take away all the icky parts and fry them in some garlic butter and they are ready to go!

Silk worms. The silk weaving shop was in the middle of a project when we stopped by. They have been making a blanket for a co-worker who is getting married. They are making it FROM SCRATCH. As in they have the worms and the webs and the moths all over sticks and they are collecting the raw silk, spinning it, dying it and weaving it. Wow. Below is the blanket on the loom.
I love the way silk looks, and if the scarves/wraps weren't $300, I would buy one.... if it wasn't for the smell. Yes, I am a little picky and have never liked the smell of silk clothing, I guess I have a sensitive nose!

Birds, birds and more birds!

Bead Shop- this is where I get my inspiration and then I shop at Walmart. Shhhhh.

Textiles and decor shop. So beautiful! Shelves and shelves of cloth, pillow shams, duvet covers, napkins, shawls, kerchiefs, table cloths, place mats etc.

Mr. Seagull who wanted to share our lunch with us. (He didn't get a bite.) If you didn't see my sisters gull photo, click here, it's so cool! It's near the end of the post.


Cobra (this is just in case my dad is reading this and is tired of looking at craft supplies!!)


  1. Hi Chatty, thanks for the comment on my blog! :-) Always fun to know someone's reading you. :-) I LOVE the silk pictures, that is SO SO cool! I'm picky about smell too, but if I had that much money to spend on something like that, I might have to do it. Gorgeous!

  2. Oh Chatty!! I just love your photos!
    The beads and the quilt shop, the gull, man you make me want to come with you, I can almost smell it.

    I am picky too about smells and cannot tolerate down pillows or comforters. They give me a headache.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Anna- I am so sensitive that if I am standing beside someone who is wearing silk, I can tell right away. Especially if it is warm out! :) I always know when a store is selling silk right as I walk past that area. It is so strange.


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