Friday, August 15, 2008


There are still a few leaves and petals left at the Daisy Inn, so if you hear of any frogs that are looking for a beautiful relaxing getaway, send them over. Petals are only available until September, as they are slowly fading and won't be available much longer!

(This is the "Daisy Inn" my 4'x 4' daisy plant bush. I haven't measured it, but it's to my shoulder at the very top!)

There are four visible frogs in this photo, if not more.

Also, if you do end up speaking to any frogs in the near future, please let them know that my laundry basket is not a suitable place to spend their time, nor is my garage, or my shoe. The Daisy Inn would be much more accommodating! Free creepy crawly food!

Check out those cute little grippy toe pads!


  1. Wow that bush is beautiful! Not so sure about the critters that come with it Ü

  2. Wow! That sure is fun - except for the laundry, garage, shoe part. Very cute!

  3. Boy, you must be small if that bush is 4 inch x 4 inch and it comes to your shoulder. But, then you were educated in metric. Maybe 4'x 4' ? They are so cute. Maybe a pic on your finger tip to see how small they are.

  4. Funny post, Chatty! Very cute frog pics!

  5. Aww! love those little frogs especially the last picture peeking out of the laundry basket. So funny that they can get all the way inside! They're sure a lot cuter than spiders. Your daisy "bush" is beautiful, it must like it's location and it's gardener.

  6. It's fixed dad! I guess The Mr. noticed that too and fixed it for me.


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