Friday, August 1, 2008

Falls and a Sing

Here are some photos from a group outing I went to a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun! The guys/dads were all biking at Mt. Galbraith and the ladies decided to take the kids somewhere fun as well. We went to Whatcom Falls Park.

First we played. This is Tracy's youngest.

L to R: Bunnie, MoMo, Esther, David and Abigirl.


After the kids had spent some of their rambunctious energy at the park, we showed them the fish hatchery.
See all the fish? Maybe you can't see them, but every one of those little lines in the water is a 4-5 inch trout.

Whatcom Falls

More falls down the river.

The whirlpool (swirling pool at the bottom of the falls between the cliffs) is a fun place to swim, but I am not even strong enough to swim there, the current is crazy! The pond doesn't have a current, so it was a fun place for the kids to swim. Do you see the guy in mid air? He is probably about 30 feet above the water.

After swimming at the falls, Peter and Tracy fed us a really yummy North Carolina BBQ. I didn't get many photos that night but I did get a good one of the kitty. :)

These are homemade Jalepeno poppers that were so so good. The recipe is found on one of my favorite sites.


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