Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prairie Weather

While in Regina, I snapped some interesting photos of weather changes all in one evening. The first three photos are of the same cloud. We were driving right past it as I was snapping photos, I was thinking to myself that they looked kind of scary. Later we found out that these clouds were actually the beginnings of tornadoes. Thankfully they never touched down. Even while growing up in this area I had never seen funnel clouds this big. I am so glad they never became active!!!

This was a second cloud. This one definitely had more of a swirly shape, but they both looked pretty scary! I just can't imagine what it would have been like if these touched down right in the middle of the city like that.

About 20 minutes later, this double rainbow was in the sky.

An hour later- clear skies and a beautiful sunset.

Silhouette of the Regina Airport.


  1. Aw, the prairie skies! Great photos.

    Thanks so much for the package of goodies from you give-away! Great stuff! It so fun to get mail, and that made my day. The baby hat is awesome and I can't wait for him to wear it! Thanks again!!

  2. Those clouds always terrified me when I was little! Cool to see it again though - from a distance.

  3. hey!!! you changed it! it looks good! i was thinking orange and blue kinda like this blog:
    but i like what you did too!

  4. Wow - that first photo is scary looking!

    I emailed you about the questions you had about my blog - let me know if it doesn't go through! :)

  5. LeAnne, I am glad you linked to that blog, it pointed out the fact that my font color was too light. It made it hard to read. I changed it to a darker blue two color boxes away from what I had and it looks a lot nicer.

  6. yeah i like the darker blue too! i love the white background, it looks really fresh and clean and summery :)


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