Monday, July 14, 2008

Artifacts and Forensics

Here are some photos I snapped at the RCMP Museum.

Old cop car. I can remember these actually on the streets, and seeing this in the museum made me feel old. I'm only 25!

There was a whole wall full of medals and badges. It was neat seeing the changes that were made throughout the history of the Canadian police force.

An example of an RCMP officer in the musical ride.

Another example. I think my horse looks a little sad for some reason?

Mom and I goofing around.

Hmm, these photos aren't the best, we should have just smiled. Don't they look authentic though? Ok, maybe not. I doubt a Mountie in Surge ever drives a car like that.

Indian bead work. There were so many glass windows displaying amazing artifacts. Old clothing, uniforms, weapons, items from seizures, antiques and a lot of things that you couldn't really tell what they were until you read the signs.

These are homemade weapons from the Regina riot in 1935. Scary!

Old guns.

The museum had old artifacts, but it also included information about the training, and a lot of information about forensics. There were a lot of neat forensic tests that they had examples of, and it was neat to have a hands on experience with these things. For example, you could see how different types of lights unveiled different clues to solving a crime.

This is a machine that reads your fingerprints. You compare your prints to the examples given. We all had loops or arches, but dad had a whorl (round and round in a circle) and it surprised us all.

RCMP in Eskimo land. :) See the doggies pulling the sled in the back?! Mush Mush! I have always wanted to ride in a dog sled, but the only sleds I have guided are the gas kind or the down the hill kind!

Well, if you are ever in Regina and you are looking for something to do, I definitely recommend the RCMP Heritage Center Museum. Go early so you don't miss the parade and call ahead to possibly be present for one of the weekly days that officers graduate. They will be wearing the Red Surge uniforms in the parade on those mornings.


  1. He should have seen me over here inspecting my fingers to see what kind of prints I had! :) I actually have a whorl on my right thumb - didn't know that! :) Learned something new today!
    Oh, and I love the new and updated blog! Everything looks so clean and fresh! :)

  2. I'm actually working on another change, so we'll see.


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