Thursday, July 24, 2008

Phi and Lee's House

We were able to stay in Gresham through Monday and had a really nice time. When we first got to the house and were shown our bedroom, this is what we were met with. If you click on the photo you should be able to read what the certificate was for even though I've crossed off the names- bragging rights! Not only did we get to relax, but we also went out and got some exercise. The guys played several games of disc golf throughout the weekend, and then the rest of us joined them at the Dabney State Park disc golf course.

Sjo has these beautiful red roses in her front flowerbed. She needs to come and give me some rose growing tips! My rose has about 6 washed out blooms and lacks leaves. It's all twiggy!

Don't these look good? They were!

St. Johns Wort- such an ugly name for a pretty plant like this.

Blackberry blossoms- in less than a month we should be able to pick the berries. I am so excited.

Phi insisted on walking and he kept up pretty well!

Phone Guy decides that throwing his frisbee into the blackberry brambles is not a good idea.

Does anyone know what plant this is? Sjo and I had never seen it before. They were about chest high bushes that were very thin. The flowers were about every foot or so on the bush and so beautiful with their orange and yellow colors. They looked like little fairy hats.

The disc golf course winds through an old orchard at one point that is home to a lot of different varieties of apples. The air smelled so good here!


  1. Ouch! Bummer that his frisbee landed in the blackberries! We've played that course before, and it's so easy to land it somewhere in the woods! least for ME it is! ;)

  2. Thanks again for coming down!

  3. Is the flower a lady's slipper? Not sure.



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