Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Shower for Baby Cake

On Saturday I hosted a baby shower for Baby Cake. It was so much fun to plan, decorate and bake. I had a pink and green theme, as you may later notice in the photos. I moved the couch and was able to fit a circle of 20 seats in my family room, but it was a tight squeeze! The day turned out to be beautiful, which was really nice because all the kids could play outside if they wanted. There were 17 kids and 20 adults at the shower- a great turn out! I didn't take as many photos as I wish I had, because I was keeping pretty busy, but I will share the ones that I did take. Most of them were taken before anyone came. I regret not having photos of everyone that came. If you are reading this and you have some photos of the shower that you wouldn't mind sharing, can you email a few to me? Thanks!

Pre-food table.

A decorative clothesline of miscellaneous baby items that was secretly a memory game.

My front door.

Mismatched cakes. Who doesn't love playing around with cake decorating? I'd love to take a class so I could do this better next time!

Yum! So much yummy food was brought, it was a feast!

Baby Cake was the guest of honor, but this little guy was also present! Who doesn't love a two day old baby who smiles?


Gift opening time!

These two photos were taken the next day. Baby Cake is modeling some of her presents. Notice her hand is in her pocket- that didn't happen naturally, it is posed, but so cute.

I love how she sleeps just like Drooler did at her age!


  1. I wondered what was keeping you too busy to post!?! Looks like it was a great shower! Cakes are so fun to decorate, my mom taught us how to do some roses and flowers with different tips and its always fun to experiment. Your's look great!

  2. Loved the clothesline memory game. That is one I haven't heard of before. :)

    Cakes look great..the hardest part is getting the layers lined up on top of each other. I have missed a couple of times and had a lop sided cake!

  3. Gorgeous shower, cuz. You are really the domestic diva, aren't you?

  4. Thanks!

    Mary- I placed the cakes on my counter and sliced the tops flat. Maybe that helps? I have no clue! :)

  5. Awww, such beautiful new babies!!!!!!!!!! I love them when they're that small.

    Okay, I love them at any age. LOL


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