Friday, June 13, 2008

More Wedding Photos

Here are some more photos from the wedding. I didn't have time to crop or enhance any of these so you will actually have to click on some of these in order to even see anyone. :) I am also sorry that I never re-size any of my photos, so that they are a viewable size when you click on them. I just don't have time!

The happy bride and my littlest sister K.

The little H girls.

My grandparents with the bride and groom.

My grandparents, their four girls and their four son in laws!

The whole family on the bride's side except 3 kids!

A speech for the bride and groom from the groom's three kids.

Kitten! I had to include her. :)

My sisters.

The family we stayed with. Aren't they such a cute family? I think it is really funny how dad ended up being the one holding the flower in the photo. I guess Emmy lost interest!

Cheesecake for dessert!

My dad and his only grandchild. :)

Bride's bouquet, with roses and hydrangeas.


  1. Weddings, weddings! You got some good photos! And Glenna looks so happy. I have gained insight into older relationships. Many have such a deeper, more real, mature love than young people do. Thx for posting all the photos so we could "sort of" be there.


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