Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quotes in the Raw

For lunch today The Mr. and I went out for Sushi with Dave and Heather, their two little girls, and LeAnne. It was all you can eat, the food was fresh and good quality, the service was the fastest we have ever seen for a sushi place and it was so yummy. Even the kids liked it a lot. Especially Ted, (Dave and Heather's youngest) who kept on asking for more tuna. Now this wasn't just any ol' tuna from a can, it was a slab of raw tuna on a plate. Literally. And she was loving it! You couldn't get her to eat anything wrapped in seaweed paper, but she loved the tuna.

Most of us basically stuck to cucumber rolls, dynamite rolls, California rolls, tempura rolls and salmon rolls. We also ordered tempura, miso soup and beef udon. The girls seemed to like seeing all the strange looking things placed on the table. We were all eating away when MoMo, the older daughter asked "is it a real snake?!" Yes, that is what she asked! I don't know what she was thinking, but it was really funny. Maybe she thought all the seaweed paper wrapped rolls with their rice layers and pink salmony centers looked like a sliced up snake... who knows! All I know that it was funny, and it's 11:27 pm and I am still giggling over it.

Then Heather announced to the girls that they had teriyaki chicken coming soon, and Tara looked all excited. The waiter arrived and handed the plate to Heather, who set it in front of the girls and then Ted exclaimed "It's not moving!" with a look of disappointment on her face. Once again we burst into laughter. Heather had to explain that she really wanted raw chicken. Everything else was raw, so why not the chicken too?

He he.

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  1. Eww...raw chicken! That's pretty funny! You never know what kids will come up with.


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