Monday, June 9, 2008

24th of May AM

Yup, still retro blogging! I have a few more posts left, but this week I should be totally caught up, because I am going to post every day until I am done.

On the morning of my aunts wedding, we slept in. Can you believe we were able to sleep in with four rambunctious kids in the house? They were quieter than mice, it was unbelievable! It was such a nice quiet morning that I actually felt bad, thinking about how hectic of a morning the wedding participants were probably having! We had a yummy relaxed breakfast and I got to spend the morning looking around their cute little farmyard.

Robynn stenciled the nursery, which is the little girl's room now, isn't it adorable?

The youngest, isn't she a doll?!

Aren't they cute? These are the middle two. Later you will see a photo of the youngest, but the oldest slipped out of my lens. I don't have one photo of him, but I did get a great family photo at the wedding, which I will post when I post the wedding photos.

His little sister really seemed to look up to him and love spending time with him. The eldest was always off running somewhere to do something or find something or show me something, but these two were close together most of the time.

That's so high!

I loved the fact that there were these story-book looking chickens lounging all over the place. They have such a cute little farm yard.

I was traipsing around the pasture and I looked down to see that I was wearing my crochet shoes. Oops.


  1. What a cool room stencil and colors, and it looks like a very fun farm!

  2. I, too, love the stenciling...and the chickens. They look so happy. Gotta get me some of those!


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