Tuesday, June 3, 2008

J&H Days 4-6- A Whole Lotta Fun!

Kitten is always so eager to smile. This was taken in the car on the way to meeting.

On Monday (Memorial day- May 19th) Drooler and his parents went out for breakfast with us at Dutch Mothers in Lynden, WA. The guys played racket ball afterwards and the girls went thrift shopping and then went home to let the babies nap. Don't you just love the combo in the photo above? Something about the gathered suspenders attached to the shorts and the poofy-sleeved belly-button shirt cracked us all up.

The next day there was more disc golf at Cornwall Park in Bellingham.

I took a break from golfing and carried Kitten around instead, it was so fun.

Look at that form!

Getting sleepy Kitten?

For dinner (or supper for you Canadian folk) one night, we decided to go to Anthony's Home Port because we all felt like seafood. There isn't much seafood in the prairies where Hosh and Jolly are from, so they like to eat it while they are visiting here in the Pacific North West.

Thankfully Kitten fell asleep in her car seat and slept through our entire meal. The servers thought it was pretty cute with her toes sticking out like that!

On the way out of the restaraunt, Kitten woke up and The Mr. kept her busy while the ladies used the restroom. When we came out, the guys were laughing so hard they were crying and then they showed me this:
Ha ha! So hilariously cute.


  1. Ohhh that poor child is sooo loved Ü

  2. haha that last picture is awesome! her eyes are HUGE!

  3. I can't help it! I laugh every time I see her like that! Those funny men! Wonder what they would look like if someone did it to them! Haha!

  4. That picture completely cracks me up!!! I hope you have that in a frame somewhere!


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