Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 7, or the rest of the Kitten photos.

....until next time that is! I am sure that there are still some photos of her to post from the wedding weekend, but these are the last ones from Hosh and Jolly's visit that I just couldn't resist. To all of those who are tired of Kitten photos, stick around because soon I will run out of photos and then it probably will be a long time till you see any again.

"See- I even smile when you trap me in a basket."

"Snore" (Yes, she snores.)

Emma is just a few weeks older than Kitten. As ioi and Jolly compare heights/sizes we find Emma is shorter, but....

CRAWLING! I love the look on Emma's face, it's like she's saying, "Oh yeah? Well I'm faster! And I'm outta here!"

Both babies are looking at their mommys. Emma is saying "wow did I really get this far mommy?" and Kitten is asking her mom "How did she do that?"

"Come back!"

That's all for now folks!


  1. Very cute pictures! Thats funny that she snores!

  2. How can you get tired of Kitten photos?!? She is always smiling!! Emma looks petite next to her! They're both cuties!

  3. Yes, how can you get tired of pictures of Kitten. She is quite adorable and I hear she looks just like her grandma! ;-)


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