Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Last week The Mr.'s sister Néshee was in Kirkland with her son to visit Mom J. We had a wonderful time visiting with them. It is so nice to have time to visit with family you don't get to see that often. Here are some photos from a walk we took down to the waterfront in Kirkland. Once again I took more photos of flowers and foliage than people. I have to work on that one! Recently my friend Melody asked me for some photos of people from this event. Unfortunately I didn't have many! I blame it on Macro and Zoom.... those guys, they ruin everything! Anyways, if you don't mind looking at flowers, here you go. There should be a few people in this bunch too.

Néshee and her son.

I loved the color of these lilacs!

Dogwood in bloom.

A Fuchsia flower that fell off Mom J's hanging basket.

I love the energy that children have. We had just walked at least a mile to get to this waterfront, and yet I caught this kid in mid air!

I have often said I don't like rhododendrons, yet every spring I take that back... until the petals turn brown and slimy and fall all over the place.

This is one of many faces I caught on camera, what a silly boy!

J4's 5th birthday celebrated with family from near and afar. Happy birthday J4!

Already starting in on the gift we gave him. Look at the precision he has for a 5 year old!


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