Friday, May 23, 2008

An Evening With Friends

A couple of weeks ago, Tracy and her family invited everyone to The Bay for a bonfire with hotdogs and a hymn sing complete with guitar. It is always so much fun to get together around a fire and sing! This time the plans were made last minute, so everyone brought what they had on hand, and it turned out really nice. We had all sorts of yummy food to eat, great fellowship and we had fun singing out of hymnbooks that aren't our regular ones. Lots of old songs were revisited and they brought back a lot of good memories.

Little D thinking that maybe if he pretends to not see me, I won't see him looking at all that candy! I gave him a peach ring just for being so cute.

Tracy and Lily roasting supper.

Gramma C. with Emma.


Tiny rock crab. Click on the photo to see close up! The kids were collecting these in all sizes. They spent a large portion of the early evening flipping over rocks at the water's edge. The biggest was about 2 inches.

Abigirl, Bunny (Lily's oldest two) with David.

Little D


LeAnne and myself.

You can see Lily's post about the bonfire by clicking here.

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