Thursday, April 3, 2008

Leavenworth et al.

A while ago, Drooler and his parents invited us to go to Leavenworth, WA with them early this week and we decided to make a whole weekend out of it. They came over to our house on Friday night and the guys played XBox while the gals watched or kept themselves busy in the exciting sport of reading Christian historical fiction novels.

On Saturday Drooler's Mommy and I did some shopping at Costco for groceries and Kohl's for their 80-90% off sale. Kohl's is quickly sliding it's way into my top 5 places to shop. As you can see in the photo below, it was quite an ugly day. There were huge flakes and slush falling from the air. The parking lots were full of slush and you were wet to your ankles the second you stepped out of the car. Let me assure you this did not stop us from shopping!

Um, I said "smile" Drooler, not "stick out your tongue!"

That night, we invited ioi and her family for a homemade pizza dinner. The best part for the kids was sticking olives on their fingers. Drooler wasn't sure what was going on, but once he realized the olives were something he could eat, he warmed up to the idea.

Not so sure about olives on his fingers.

Saturday is bath night for the kiddos, including Emma! It was fun seeing 4 little ones in my bathtub.

Crazy hair. What's better than freshly bathed babies in PJ's?

See little Emma on the boppy pillow? No, she isn't uncomfortable with her neck like that, she is trying to watch the guys play XBox. We had pity and turned her around so she could see for a few minutes before she was put to bed.

Dolly helping with Emma.

Saturday night was spent almost exactly like Friday night. The guys played XBox and the kids ran around freshly bathed until they were each tucked into a bed somewhere. The ladies relaxed once the kids were in bed by sitting around and reading, but eventually we played Dutch Blitz and it was so much fun. Ioi and Sir left really late and we got to bed even later. I love nights like that. On Sunday we went to meeting in Marysville, ate lunch out at Kate's in Everett (which I highly suggest) with Napper and Cheerful, (J&J B.) and then made our way to Leavenworth.

This is a crazy long post once again, so I am going to stop here and continue on later. Lots of Leavenworth photos to come!


  1. Dutch Blitz! I haven't played that in years!

    Hi Chatty! I'm here visiting you, having fun reading through your blog. Thanks for the link. ;o)

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  3. Sorry,I posted the above comment and there's no other way that I know of to edit it then so. I love all your kid pictures, Drooler is looking so grown up. Leavenworth sounds like a fun place to visit about now! Especially with good friends.

  4. Yay for dutch blitz!

    Your couch looks very familiar! I think we may have the same (or a very similar) one! Guess we'll have to actually visit you one day and find out.

  5. Hi Megan! Thanks for dropping by.

    Sjo-Yes Drooler really is growing up but it is fun. It will be nice that he can do more things for himself once his little sister arrives!

    Amy- Our couch was purchased from Fred Meyers and it is Ashley brand. :) You're welcome to visit anytime! Jody is coming in August, did you hear? I am so excited.


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