Thursday, April 3, 2008

Leavenworth et al. cont'd.

Aunt Chatty: (animated) "Put your toes on your face!"
Drooler: puts toes on face. *

*repeat as needed during car trips.

We're here!

After checking in and unpacking the car at the condo, we went to the town and ate dinner at Gustav's. They have really good food! After that The Mr and I shared a Heath bar and chocolate caramel apple from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

The shops in Leavenworth are so pretty at night and I was playing around with the nighttime settings on my camera. :)

The next day after a very authentic breakfast, we went shopping. I had to get a photo of the German flag while in Leavenworth. This is for you Maria! Maria is a friend who was a German exchange student at my high school and we became good friends.

Many of the shops hang their signs with pretty scroll work.

A bench with a heart cut out of it made for a lot of cute Drooler photos. I had to make myself post just one.

Neat road names. Almost everything in this town is changed to suit the atmosphere and culture. Even Safeway, 76 gas station, bank of America and Starbucks signs are barely recognizable.

The view from our deck on Monday.

It was so relaxing. I spent time reading in the afternoon while others were napping. One good thing about having a child along that needs naps is that others can nap/have quiet time as well!

More scroll work and the beautiful mountains.

The nutcracker store which is part of the nutcracker museum. This is only a tiny part of the store.

Pretzels hung on a tree outside the bakery where we bought a pretzel and a pastry. Yum!

This crowded store window is part of a shop called "Victorian Simplicity." Simple it does no look!!!

The Mr. and Drooler with his parents.

The top two floors of this building is where we ate dinner on Monday night. It is a great Italian restaurant named Visconti's. After we stuffed ourselves full, we walked down the street to Cold Stone Creamery for our own version of the Mud Pie Mojo signature creation. Coffee ice cream with peanut butter, Reese peanut butter cups, oreos and fudge for the mix-ins. Yummy!


  1. I love nutcrackers but that many is just creepy!
    Now I just have to say wow! You sure get around and have a lot of fun, I want to tag along in your suitcase!

  2. Anna you are more than welcome to tag along.. and bring the kidlets!

  3. Sounds so fun and relaxing, We didn't see much when we were there since we only stop though for one night. Looks fun.

  4. so where's the photos of said non-starbucks-looking Starbucks, eh? :D

  5. rachel- here you go! I didn't take this, just found it on the net.

  6. oops, when you copy and paste that, this needs to be on the end of it!


    I don't know why blogger just cuts off links in comments, why couldn't they just make them wrap like everything else? Strange!

  7. now you know where I come from;) or at least the touristy bavarian version. Cool anyway that there are places like that.

  8. Hi Maria! I was so happy and surprised to see your comment. :) Thanks for commenting!


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