Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Baby Shower for Grace

Sallad and Grace are expecting their first child in April, and I have attended two baby showers for the baby so far. What a lucky little baby this one will be! Here are photos from the first shower at the J's house.

Handing out a game- let's see what is in our purses!

My team got 36 as you can see above, but believe it or not Grace's team won- see below! Candy soothers for all of them. :) I guess it makes sense that they won, because they had a future mom, present mom, grandma and some younger gals in their team. (Some team members are missing from the photo.)

Lots of fun gifts to open.

Dessert table!

I think it's funny that the soccer ball is in this photo. :)

A dress and miniature crocs from Aunt Knittery's eldest. I didn't get photos of many of the gifts, but I am partial to crocs. :) I wear mine as house slippers and can't live without them.

Oh dear, choices choices! The food was great.

This game was called "Multitasking Mommy" and I was chosen to play against Grace. We had to talk on the phone with someone, correctly hold a baby doll and hang up clothing on a clothes line. It was a lot of fun!


  1. Yay! I didn't know she was having a girl! Who knows, maybe baby girl and Avah will be friends when they are older!

  2. yeah that was fun!

  3. The little crocs are so cute! Looks like a fun shower! Great picture of Mommy to be and her little belly. Always fun to see. Not much longer, time sure does fly!

  4. Love the baby crocs! Way too cute!

  5. I'm glad you posted this post... I had forgotten, remembered and then forgotten again to get the pictures that you took on my camera ready for you! 'Sorry it's taking me so long.

  6. That WAS a really fun time! I wish I didn't have to be in any of the photos, ughh - I'll be glad when I look a little smaller!! :)

  7. lisa- you look great, don't I always tell you that? :)

  8. looks like a great time- babies always make for a good time though!!


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