Friday, February 29, 2008

Walker Valley

Happy Leap Day! So this is an extra day, how are you spending yours? Leap Year is such a strange concept to me... but I guess it works or else we wouldn't have such a thing as today.

Have you read my 100 things that make me happy list yet? It was fun to write and it gets a little random in spots, but I could have kept going...

Look at this, someone posted about my gospel rocks!

Here are some photos and a fun movie. The Mr. and I went to Walker Valley ORV park with the truck. It was muddy and bumpy and a lot of fun. If you search around the net, you can find all sorts of neat photos that show the type of off roading that is done in the park. It's pretty crazy! We did a little off roading, but for me the most fun was the huge puddles. I took a lot of videos while riding in the truck, but they are just a lot of shaky screen, revving engine and mud on the windows. :)

"All State Laws Apply"... really?

Tall Trees


Massive Mosquitoes! The Mr. didn't get bit, but I stayed in the truck.

Is the trail getting narrower? Yep! That's ok, we can turn around... where?

Please let me know in the comments section if you could view this video. Thanks!

He he... I couldn't resist.


  1. FORD=

    haha at least this was true when we had a Ford.

  2. What fun! You could call your video "The Rednecks Deluxe Car Wash" since it includes two big puddles. :0D I didn't know you guys did 4x4ing we should go when you're down here some time with my brother AJ.

  3. I wanted to stop by and thank you for the link you left about my Blogger problems. Turns out several people are having the same problem and Blogger knows about it. Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon.

    Thanks again!

    Many Blessings,

  4. HAHA Are you calling me silly? How dare you! :P

  5. FORD:

    Sorry, 'couldn't resist after seeing LeAnne's comment. :P

  6. Love the video! Thanks for leaving me a link to it! Puddles are just so much fun!


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