Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy new year to all my blog readers! The Mr. and I just walked in the door and there was just enough time for me to compose this message and post it for you all at exactly the first moment of 2008. (Notice the time at the bottom of this post.) (Ok, so maybe not exactly, as it is past midnight and I am editing this right now....) Wow, 2008 is here, doesn't that seem so weird? Fireworks are going off like crazy outside right now. The Mr. and I came home early because of his early work schedule tomorrow, so I hope for him the fireworks don't last long!

Microchip and Lily invited us to their home this evening for a new years get together. We ate lots of food, read from the Word of God, sang some hymns and then ate some more. The kids loved staying up late. Especially Dolly who told me "I get to stay up all night... right now!!" as she ran around in circles with glazed eyes. What a sweetie.

L to R: Chiquita, Ted, Bunny, Abi-girl and Momo (who doesn't like to be called Momo anymore.)

Grandpa looking dapper and the guys hanging out around the food buffet.

A very patient Emma and a room full of little girls trying on sparkly lip gloss and jewels.

PC finds something mechanical so he can be a guy. (He's trying to stay away from all the sparkles and pink.)



  1. Good pictures! And leave it to you to post exactly at midnight on New Year's Eve! Ha Ha! 2008 - it has a nice ring to it, and I'm glad 2007 is over - it was an odd year in more ways than one! Sure hoping the Lord comes this year. Did you ever think we'd be around to see 2008? I didn't!

  2. Happy New Year to you, too. I'm really excited about this year and decided to choose spiritual resolutions. Normally, I don't do any.


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