Friday, December 7, 2007

The Night of The Hacky Sack War, Chinese Food and Dictionary

Tuesday night The Mr. and I went out for dinner at a certain Asian restaurant. I can't tell you the exact restaurant, for reasons you will find out about shortly. Lets just say it was within a short driving distance from a certain house some friends live in. We met Doc, Bashful, David, Esther and Luke at their home around 5:30, and while we waited for Doc to get home from work, The Mr. was sadly beat up by two roughhousing young children. He didn't even have a chance! David and Esther pinned him and got most of the best shots with the weapon most commonly known as a hacky sack. Luke was often seen at the edge of the scene with a large rubber ball, ready to join in on the action, but he never got far.

Now for the explanation of why I withheld the Asian restaraunt's name. Please check out menu no. 205 in the photo below. Notice anything a little strange?

I noticed it right away and started laughing, so I quickly showed The Mr., Doc and Bashful. That was when the cameras whipped out and we started taking photos of it and cracking jokes. It was a hilarious time. We eventually decided against ordering the human, but instead went with the dinner special (hot and sour soup, egg roll, crab filled wonton (rangoon), entrée of your choice and rice of your choice.) I highly suggest this restaurant's dinner special. The food was great and the price was reasonable. When the waiter came around to take our orders, we all managed to keep a straight face until Doc asked if he could substitute the human chicken instead of the available dishes. The look on the waiters face was hilarious! He was incredibly embarrassed and was laughing and saying "oh no!" That was when he explained it was Hunan chicken. We already knew that, but it was still funny to see him squirm, laugh and try to explain. When we told him we took pictures of it, he laughed and said "just don't put that on internet!!!" Hence the reason why I left out the name of the restaurant.

After dinner, we went over to Doc and Bashful's home, which of course started the hacky sack war all over again. Eventually the kids were settled down and sleeping, so Bashful suggested we play a game. We ended up playing Dictionary for a couple hours. It was hilarious and so much fun. Half the time I was laughing so hard that I had face cramps. Doc's inability to read definitions with a straight face had him hiding red-faced behind the coffee table. I convinced The Mr. and Doc to vote for my definition of "ninus" as being "a nine pointed star found in the northern hemisphere." Which is great since neither of them figured out till AFTER they had voted how silly that was. Doc exclaimed "How can a star have 9 points? Have you ever seen a 9 pointed star?!" While The Mr. yelled something about the imposibility of stars being in the Northern Hemisphere. Of course that's what is so fun about dictionary. Your definitions don't have to make any sense at all and people will vote for you. You just have to make them sound professional! I had forgotten about the game altogether, so it was fun to play it again and revisit memories from when the Young People in Regina, SK were on a Dictionary kick. We would either all crowd into the nursery at the meeting room or play in my parents basement. It was so much fun! Well it was definitely fun this time and I hope we play more in the future.


  1. Aw, sounds like SO much fun! When P&T were first married, we went camping as a family and played dictionary one night around the campfire. I remember P hiding out in the woods to read the definitions to us because he was laughing too hard to correctly read a certain definition. That was fun. :) It was my mom's definition. I wonder if she remembers what it was, we talked about it for a while afterwards. :)

  2. Great post! I started laughing all over again when I read it. That was a fun evening. :)

  3. Lisa- I think that story or a few others like it were mentioned. It sounds like no matter the players a fun time is had by all! Imagine playing with the J family? It would be an impossibility if you ask me!

    Tracy- Thanks! It was a fun night, so naturally, a fun post! Glad you enjoyed it, and now it's here in journal form lest we some day forget!

  4. Sounds like fun! We should get together more for games and fellowship! We were talking to Troy about that today.

  5. Hmmmm...I'm craving some Human chicken. Yum!

  6. The small print at the top right of the menu looks like it says "(Sever with...)" couldn't quite read what you're suppose to sever it with...but it does sorta fit with Human chicken, I suppose! lol Are you planning on going back to this place? It sounds just a bit violent!!
    Funny post!


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