Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A trip to Chip's House

The Mr. had a 4 day weekend (12-15th) so we went to visit Phone Guy, Princess and Chip for a couple of days. I am sort of under the weather right now with a bad cough that wont go away, so I am going to turn this blog into a photo blog for a while. Enjoy all the fall photos! We played a lot of disc golf, which makes it easy to find a lot of beautiful settings for fall photography. Click on each photo for full size.

Chip himself with some wooden veggies.

Fall colors.

Rock formations in the river.

Disc golf. Definitely click on the photo of the dragonfly and check out his face. It is very suitable for October!

My first Praying Mantis sight, which I was also excited about because my cousin DeliaJude recently mentioned on her blog that she saw one too.


  1. the dragonfly scared me to death! ack!

    loved your photos!!!!!

  2. thanks for the shout out...we have 2 praying Mantis living in our front garden!


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