Friday, October 26, 2007

Shopping with Friends

It is so much fun to go shopping with an inquisitive toddler who toddles around creating lots of great photo opportunities. These photos are all from yesterday at Ross with Drooler and his Mommy.


  1. Ditto! This particular one is becoming very messy though- they always seem to have too much stock for the amount of floor space available, so people make a huge mess looking for what they want.

  2. How long have you had the new banner?

  3. ioi- I put it up yesterday. I took the photo at the Coleman's Thanksgiving dinner and had been playing around with it a bit. I decided that it would make a neat fall banner. The two photo texts on the bottom of the page are photos I took as well.

  4. Hello, greetings from right up the top of Australia, Darwin in the tropics!! Love how you write about your husband, i love mine too. Found you from a comment you left on my pal Allison's Lark blog. She is a very clever lady!! I do hope you have children soon, we've been together 13+ years (married for 10) & have 4 gorgeous children which make the world go round. We long to visit your homeland one day, my husband went on an Army exchange about 8 years ago & loved the country. All the best, love Posie


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