Friday, October 5, 2007

Lummi Island

Lummi Island is a little island about thirty minutes from our home. You take back roads from our house to get there, and then you load a little ferry that takes around 15-20 cars at a time across the water to the Island. Mom J, The Mr. and I went there today and had a great time since the weather was really beautiful. The island has a population of 822 and is very quaint. They have at least one B&B that we could see, several different farms that sell things, mostly organic, at least a couple of craft/boutique shops, a few places to eat a light lunch, one fancy dinner restaraunt, a convenience store/grocer and one espresso stand. They have a library that is open two days a week and a volunteer fire hall. Their website lists more to do than what we actually did when we were there today, but since we didn't have a map or a list of places to go, we basically just drove around in circles and saw the scenery. It was a neat day and very relaxing. We ate at a place called the Beach Store Cafe. Mom J had a taco salad and The Mr. and I shared a plate of nachos so big that we couldn't finish it. It was a great place to stop for lunch, and we could gaze out on the water as we ate. I love this area and all the surprises that it has for you! Who would have known that Lummi Island was even there? On our way to find Lummi Island we passed Barlean's Fishery which may someday have a post of it's own whenever we get around to visiting it! It is just a few minutes from our house and looks like such a neat place to go and pick up fresh dinner ingredients. On the Barlean's website as well as the Lummi website, reef net fishing is explained. It is really interesting, so if you have the time, follow the link and read about it.

"Whatcom Chief" Ferry from Gooseberry to Lummi Island.

Reef Net fishing in Legoe Bay, Lummi Island. (Click the link to see a diagram of Reef Netting.)


  1. Thanks for the post about Lummi Island! I was once researching that for a possible quiet weekend getaway - still would like to get over there. Enjoyed the pictures!

  2. If I was going to suggest one of the Islands for a quiet weekend getaway, I would probably suggest Orcas Island. It is quiet, but there is a little more to do than on Lummi. There is a mountain that you can walk to the top of and see amazing views. There are more places to eat and stay. The ferry ride is also more exciting because it is a regular sized ferry with large windows and comfy booths to sit in for the ride over. Half the excitement for me is the ferry ride, so I love the big ferries.

  3. As long as there is somewhere to paddle and a boat to rent I'll be happy!


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