Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Busy Weekend (Continued...)

On Lord's day evening, we went over to the A's house. I always like spending time there because it is such a relaxed, comfortable, homey atmosphere. The piano gets played randomly by several different people, there is always something to snack on, games are played, lots of yarn and hooks and needles are laying around if you feel like being crafty, and there is always a stack of interesting library books somewhere to look through on topics from crafting and housekeeping to sports or world history.

This is Tom's car. I thought this was a neat picture because my skirt is reflected in the metal.

M, reading a Reader's Digest which reads "More Money, More Freedom, More Fun!"

Dolly looking forward to a yummy home made chocolate milkshake from Knittery Kate. Both her and PC were standing guard to make sure they got the first sips. Mmmm!

Clockwise starting with Drooler's Mommy in purple at the top, PC and mommy in the background, Dolly and PC's Daddy, Heidi, Joanne I, Mr and Mr Crazy Hair Dude and Laura all enjoy an exciting game of quick scrabble. So much more fun to me than regular scrabble!

How to play: All the pieces are turned upside down in the middle of a table, and everyone takes 7. (We take 4 because it's a larger group.) At the "Go", we all turn our pieces over and start making a crossword in front of us - re-arranging as many times as we want. First one to use all their pieces shouts "pick" and everyone has to take another 2 - finished or not. And so on... until the last one to finish all their pieces, with no more available to take, says "stop". We usually don't keep score, but this is what I found on the web for scoring: The winner gets all the loose pieces from everyone else, then scores are added up by counting letter values, doubling letters used twice etc. The winner gets to add in the values of all the loose pieces too.

If you haven't tried it before, you should. It's lots of fun. Of course, once you are bored, you can always revert to trying to make all the silly names you can think of with the various tiles hanging around. Those A girls are very artistic in their naming don't you think?


  1. I've played that version of scrabble before and definitely agree it's much more fun than regular scrabble. Also if you want to see a lot of fun baby and kid stuff check out they seem to have a lot of cool stuff for pretty reasonable prices. see you in a few days Lord willing!

  2. Me, too! Quick scrabble (we call it "Take 4") is far more entertaining! -sf

  3. I like playing scrabble that way much more than the traditional way - especially when you don't keep score and there are no rules!

  4. I love 'take four' and find myself lost here, since my hubby's family is not into game family did lots of games...I miss that!

  5. hmm looks like i missed some fun times!


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