Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Vintage Nursery

I told my sister that I would send her some nursery ideas, so instead of emailing them to her, I am going to post the pictures here. Of course you would need to be royalty and live in a castle to afford all this, and it's far from practical. That doesn't mean it's not fun to look at right?! I am going to try and stay away from pink, just for something different, and go with a vintage theme.

"Vintage Hankie" bedding and curtains by Posh Tots.

"Bonne Nuit" changing table dresser also from posh tots.

Shelf by Warm Biscuit

Vintage Girl Clock also by Warm Biscuit.

"Lemongrass Roll" diaper bag by Petunia Picklebottom

Vintage alphabet cards from The Land of Nod to make wall display or border.

And on a practical note, a Trofast storage tower or two from IKEA, painted to match the room.


  1. Wouldn't that be cool, loving the vintage!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That green diaper bag reminds me of a bag that I remember seeing around here years ago! You know you are old when you remember certain styles and colors being "in" the last time!

  3. anonymous- who are you? Leave your initials or a nickname next time. :)

    I love that color of green. I like most of the other patterns P.B sells their diaper bags in, but the green is my favorite.

    Of course- again, not practical since it is spendy and easily stained. Another company came out with something similar but covered with clear vinyl. Not as classy looking, but definitely something that would las longer!

  4. yeah, I love that bag! I agree about them being costly only to get stained up. Seems a total waste to me. I had one I really liked...Called the Fleurville Mothership. It was soooo sweet. But not for like 120 bucks! I found they had a very similar one at Target. I didn't buy it though. After seeing it in person I decided I didn't care for the colors and style. LOL

    BabiesRUs carries some similar to the P.B. Those asian print satin ones? My friend has one and it was really nice!

    Love the "hanky" bedding. Very nice. =)

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  6. Very cute choices! I love the diaper bag. So cute!!!

  7. I really like the shelf! Too bad my girls are out of the pink stage and now into the red stage. They could use a shelf or two like that in their room. Hmmm. Good idea! I'm off to Home Depot!

  8. hey Cor,

    Thanks for the lovely ideas! I love the hankie bedskirt. I'm a little too modern though for most of it. its too fussy. BUT, you must have read my mind about the Alphabet wall cards, cause I totally bought some almost like that from Chapters.... or wait... did I tell you about them already?

  9. as a sidenote- that bag is sweet. I'm all about the messenger-style shoulder strap. I can't stand the thought of carrying a baby and having one or both straps of a diaper bag slide down my arm. So I am definitely in the market for one like that. This is my ultimate fave:

    note that it defies what was previously said above, and it's also $275 dollars, but SOOOO cute!


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