Friday, March 30, 2007

Some of my favorite kids!

I felt like it was time for another slide show, and I wanted to figure out how to add my own music to a slideshow, so here it is! This is the song we sing in Sunday School class, and they are learning actions for it. Since there is music with this slideshow, remember to hit off on the radio in the left column.

The stars of the show? Lily's 3 Girls plus one she babysits, Drooler, MoMo and TeddyBear, David, Esther and Luke and ioi's kids, PC and Dolly.


  1. Cute, cute kids! :)

  2. You are the world's most creative blogger I'm sure. You never run out of ideas!Cute pictures, cute kids, happy music-fun

  3. I made the mistake of showing this to the kids and now they constantly beg to see it again and again! :)

  4. Love it! :)



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