Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Sallad!

Happy Birthday Sallad...

Q: Why did the wife decide against birthday candles on her husband's birthday cake?

A: It's not that she didn't want to make him feel old, she wanted to save the environment.


  1. Good to see Dallas and Lisa. I finally figured who sallad is - i think!
    Did someone make that cow cake??

  2. Oh- and it's not a cake. It's ceramic, and some random picture off the internet.

  3. S- Good for you! I thought it was pretty obvious, since his nickname is his name spelled backwards, and I usually link the name to his picture or post a picture of them. His NN comes from our camping trip at Deer Lake Resort. He was telling Colin one day "my name is Dallas- that's sallad backwards."


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