Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trivia: Kangaroos are part of what animal family???

Last Saturday The Mr. and I drove down to the Seattle area to pick up his Buell Lightning from the Harley Davidson shop. On the way back home, we met up with The Rich Bachelor for a late lunch at That Burger Place. It's only a hole in the wall, but they serve great burgers. What is especially neat about That Burger Place, is their meat choices. You can see some of them in the photograph below. Notice anything different? How many times do you see goat, buffalo, venison, ostrich, yak, kangaroo, elk, antelope, alligator, llama, camel and caribou on the same menu as fish, chicken and beef?

It was a hard choice when it was our turn to order. I wasn't feeling adventurous, so I got regular ol' beef, but The Mr. went ahead and ordered a kangaroo burger. Yup, kangaroo! Before he ordered, he was wondering aloud what kangaroo would taste like, and The Rich Bachelor, piped up and said "ahh- like chicken, all those birds taste like chicken!" The room fell silent for a second and then The Mr. and I burst out laughing and I said "A Kangaroo is NOT in the bird family." I don't know what he was thinking, but it was hilarious. Definitely blog-worthy. Here is my version of a Bird-aroo, or would it be a Kanga-bird?

Oh yeah, and click here for the trivia answer.


  1. That is a great menu! Wish I could try some of those!!


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