Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I wrote about our trip to Joshua Tree National Park a couple of days ago, you can read it by clicking here . My dad read the blog and later on wrote me an email saying that he was struck with nostalgia while reading it. He went and dug out the old albums and guess what he found?

These photographs were taken in the same location, 21 or so years ago!! Above is my Dad, Mom and my younger sister. Below is my paternal grandparents with my sister and I.

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  1. CJ - I don't remember your grandparents, though I probably saw them during one of our many trips and have heard much about them! So it's great to see a picture of them!! Keep the great pictures and postings coming! It's neat to see yourself in the same place many years later. I have similar pictures of myself as a little girl at Lake Louise, and then again about 17 years later! -SF


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