Tuesday, January 16, 2007

4 Byin'

I missed posting this yesterday, because our computer was having problems. Thankfully it is back up today! I wonder if it will crash again in a couple of weeks. Hmm.

While we were in California, we also spent a day with Douggie off-roading (or 4-byin' as some call it) in their 4x4 truck and Suburban. A few of the family members and friends that were staying at their home came as well. We ate lunch together, enjoyed the view (the Date Palm grove specifically)and looked around their property (they have a tangerine tree- yummy!) Then we jumped into the trucks to head out further into the dessert.

As we were pulling out of Douggie's driveway, we looked over and saw that there was someone in a lot of trouble. The garbage man had hit the wrong button and dumped his garbage into a pile on the street! We circled around the block because we just couldn't give up the superb photo opportunity.
We drove South from their city until we found a place where there is a great area to go exploring. It was a crazy bumpy ride, but so fun. At several points I doubted the ability of the truck to continue on, but we made it! Sometimes you are in tight spots, or there are rises and falls in the terrain that are difficult. Once we even had someone get out and watch as the truck drove on- to make sure we didn't bottom out. We drove for several hours and then came upon this out-house on wheels, which struck us as funny. It was in the middle of the wilderness and Men's was on one side and Women's on the other. On the side of it was a sink, soap and even paper towels!
When we got back, we all went to Uncle R and Aunt R's and they put on a magnificent meal for us. King Crab legs, Jumbo Shrimp, asparagus and all sorts of yummy food.

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  1. I wonder if those oranges survived the freeze of the last few days??


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