Friday, January 26, 2007


One of the crafts I really enjoy is crocheting. I use up yarn leftovers by crocheting baby hats and they are really a lot of fun. The purple hat with the flower is for my neighbors, who are having their first baby some time later this year. There is a doll hat in there for someone, and the others - I am not sure who they are for yet.

The other night I was at a hymn sing and I was working at rolling some yarn into balls when disaster struck. One of the strings I was winding somehow grabbed onto all the other ends of stray balls of yarn that were in my bag. What it created, is what is shown in the photograph. A huge mess! It took at least an hour and help from Knittery Kate and others to separate all the different yarns, but it was worth it. They will turn into cute hats. These photos were a little boring so I played around with them a bit. What crafts do you like to do? I think it would be cool to hear. Leave a comment about what you like to do!


  1. I like the purple one!

  2. I think you know I like to knit.

  3. Your hats are cute! Some friends & relatives of mine knit or crochet hats to give to hospitals for babies: preemies and full term.


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