Friday, November 21, 2014

Walla Walla

In August, we spent a few lovely (and WARM) summer days in Walla Walla.  The boys got to know some of our family better and we all had a wonderful time.  These are the kind of days that memories are made of.  We visited some neat downtown shops, including the toy store Inland Octopus (and impatiently waited for it to open.) We had a lot of fun at the Children's Museum, cooled off on the trampoline, met a new baby cousin and on our way home the boys were kept busy reading books and taking selfies.

 Waiting, not so patiently.

 Yay!  It's open!

 The cutest vet clinic I've ever seen, complete with x-rays.

 He was still so much a baby in August, when I look at this photo now, in November, I just think "oh where has my baby gone?!"

 Our mild version of "crack the egg."

  I think this photo captured one of my favorite memories from the trip, Little Brother running around the trampoline with this really hilarious gait.  It was so cute!


 It always helps to have a spare foot to help hold your book.


 Little Mr. took over the camera.


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