Tuesday, November 18, 2014

San Juan Island

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I've come to realize that I need a dose of the islands on a regular basis.

It had been too long since we'd made the voyage across the water and stepped foot in the San Juans.  Yesterday we remedied that.  The day was perfect, with its bright blue sky, crisp air and beaming warm sun rays.  A layer of sparkling frost still coated the earth when we left home.  It had turned the fields into wintry grey landscapes and as we drove along, Little Mr. pointed out each one with glee.  Kids learn so much at this age and it blows me away to watch him sucking up his surroundings like a sponge.  His vocabulary has exploded and his curiosity is growing. He is becoming aware of his surroundings, asking questions, and talking non-stop.  He loves to talk. And we love to listen.

Little Brother is chill.

We met up with Mom J, I squished myself between the two boys in the back seat and we headed over to Anacortes to catch a ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  Little Mr. was beside himself with excitement, shaking in his seat as we made our way towards the ferry line.  We were all in for a treat.  Once we were on the ferry, we couldn't resist heading out to the open deck.  The smell of the ocean woke our senses, if the brisk air hadn't already done so!  It felt so good to be on the water again, even though a ferry is no comparison to a pleasure boat. In the distance, Mt. Baker was beautiful, covered in a thick layer of snow and as the islands went by, we recognized them from our own boating trips and the memories flowed.

I always find it beautiful to watch the gulls gliding in the air current of the ferry.  Gulls are one of my least favorite birds, but oh they are so beautiful lit up by the sun, floating along.

The result of my "okay everyone, say cheese!" request.  I love it more than I would have if everyone had been sitting still and smiling.  This is more "us."

Docking anticipation.  We arrived, we shopped, we relaxed, we ate (Haley's Bait Shop- great burgers!) and then we took off in the car to tour around the island.

Our first stop was one of our favorite places on the island, South Beach.

The Mr. and Little Mr. did a bit of exploring.

Our next stop was the American Camp.

The women who did laundry in this yard sure had a beautiful view. The fog obscuring the distant land was breathtaking yesterday.

After our visit to the American Camp, we made our way over to the English Camp.  The sun shone through the trees, illuminating a path to our right as we made our way down to the camp.  It was stunning!

Little Mr. and Grandma J.

We found a delicate looking mushroom in the English garden.

Before we made our way back to Friday Harbor to board the ferry back to the mainland, we made one last stop at Roche Harbor.  Memories flooded back to us as we thought of how many times we had visited this harbor during boat camping trips.  If you visit here, make sure you visit the little shop in the Quarryman Hall, as they sell such beautiful wares and it's an inspiring stop for any visitor.

As we left the islands behind us, the sky darkened and the view was so beautiful.

Earlier in the day we had stopped at Gourmet's Galley, a fun shop that sells kitchenware, fancy baking ingredients, gifts and delicacies.  The Mr. picked up these yummy treats, which were perfect for our ferry ride back to Anacortes.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handywork.  Psalm 19:1 


  1. These photos are amazing! Little brother looks so mischievous, both of them have grown soo much since we've seen you last! What a fun place, and great memories it sounds like! ~Sjo

  2. What a fun day!!!! You are blessed of the Lord in so many ways!! Love the San Juans too!!


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