Monday, August 4, 2014

New York City, Part IV

 Our final breakfast at the hotel was bittersweet.  After, we packed our bags and left them with the concierge at the front desk, as we were scheduled to fly back to Georgia later that day.

 The kids were best of friends after hanging out together so much.  We had one last fun thing planned, so after breakfast, we headed back to Central Park.

When we arrived at the park, the mounted police unit of the NYPD were just deploying.  I read that they have a top-of-the-line stable and headquarters in the bottom of a luxury apartment building nearby.

Central Park Fair

It's amazing to me that there is an 843 acre park in the middle of the city.  From the sky, it looks pretty cool. (That's not my photo in the link.)

Our visit to Central Park this time was for one main reason, to take the kids to the Central Park Zoo!

It's a smaller zoo, but the habitats are quite nice and it's lots of fun.

This little penguin was following Little Mr.'s finger around as he moved it across the glass.

Looking for turtles, there were lots!

"Let's go here next!"

A pretty blue bird and some pinching cheek action caught on camera.

The zoo was a blast, but we had flights to catch so we rushed over to the Tisch Children's Zoo for a quick tour before heading back to the hotel.  It's more of a hands on zoo with farm animals and you can buy feed pellets for the animals.

Little Mr. and V posing as rabbits.

That frog is not real, ha ha!

He found a food pellet on the ground and as we has giving it to the sheep he briefly got to touch it's wool, he was so excited!  We easily could have spent all day at the zoos. The kids were just just soaking it all up but we knew our fun trip was soon coming to an end. We rushed back to the hotel, said our goodbyes to R and C, and took a cab to the airport

Little Mr. took a quick 2 second visit to the cockpit.

The Mr. and Little Brother took a nap on the airplane.

Jet Blue has fun snacks.

We had a good flight back to Savannah, GA.

Well that's the end of our New York trip photos, we can't wait to go back someday.  NYC is an amazing city!


  1. Great pics to help you all remember a fun trip!!! Missed you yesterday at Arlington ADM!!

  2. What a great time you gave your kids. I love reading about Central Park, and the other places designed by Olmstead. People don't get to plan such large outdoor spaces these days!

  3. Fun times! Glad you were able to get there before you came home.
    Mom B


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