Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daily Life: July

The boys are loving their Thomas Take and Play "choo choo chacks."

 Exploring a new-to-us park in Bellingham.  This park is right in the area of town where I often run errands, and it is nice to have somewhere for them to run off steam.

 Lord's Day morning latte.  Don't worry, he only gets the last sips of mine. :)

Little Mr. having independent play time with the rice bin.  We started finding rice all over the house (it was easy to miss grains when sweeping because of the color of the floor), so now I put a fleece blanket under him when he plays and after he's done, he either picks up the rice and puts it back in the bin, or if we're in a hurry I shake the blanket outside.

Waiting in the border line, I noticed the view behind us was really pretty, so I snapped a photo using the side view mirror.

 Playing at the mall play area.

 The pharmacist at the drive through window at Rite-Aid gave the boys Dum Dums.  They were quite pleased!  Tobin only had his for a moment so I could snap the pics, and then I bit off a piece for him.  Now every time I go through that particular drive through they want lollipops!

  Instant sugar rush!!!

 Tandem rocking horse riding.

 Melissa and Doug brand reusable sticker books are awesome for independent play.  Little Mr. will sit and play for quite a while by himself.  I often have him play independently during Little Brother's morning nap.

 Right around the time that Little Brother was learning to walk, he took some clumsy falls and somehow ended up with two black eyes!

 I have a picture of Little Mr. riding this dump truck in a similar fashion.  It's so fun to watch Little Brother unknowingly following in his older brother's footsteps.

 Backyard picnic fun!

 Relaxing at Juanita Beach in Kirkland on a Lord's Day afternoon.


 Going for a ride in Daddy's truck.

 Little Mr. picking out his new Strider balance bike at Earls Bike Shop in Bellingham.

Boulevard Park Boardwalk

Bellingham Bay


  1. Your boys look like they have a lot of fun together and are good buddies already! Thanks for the reusable sticker book idea. I'm going to have to find one of those for Matthew. :-)

  2. Yes, those books are the best! I had to be a little careful when I helped him take the stickers off the first time, as they are really just window cling type material and could stretch if not fully cut out. He plays with them on the scene, or the table, and then puts them back where they belong on the sticker sheet. Almost like a puzzle. The whole thing is like a book, but I removed the sticker sheets and left the scenes intact so I could give him one at a time to use anywhere he wished in the book.

    Oh, and really what I meant to say here (lol) is that Wee Ones Reruns has them, beside Trader Joes.


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