Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Breaking the Ice

Well, I'm here updating the blog, and it feels like starting all over again fresh.  My last update was in May... whoops!  Life just got in the way for a bit, but now things are starting to slow down and feel normal again.  We're back in Washington now and missing the Georgia coast, but I'm super thankful to be so close to friends and family again, and also for the moderate weather here.  I love the area we live in- it is gorgeous, and it is home.  Some day we'd like to go back to Saint Simon's Island for a vacation and it will always feel a little bit like home to us now.  I miss the friends I made while we were living there, the beautiful beaches and islands, as well as all of the amazing things to do in the surrounding cities. 

The beach near my home may not have miles of powdery sand dotted with beautiful seashells, but it is OUR beach.  It is home.  The other day I took the boys down to the beach for a little picnic dinner of peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and as I sat and basked in the sun while watching my toddlers digging in the little patch of sand we had found, it was pure contentment.

 Little Mr. was so happy to be at the Beach.  He loves being outdoors and especially digging in the sand and throwing rocks into the water.

Here you can see Orcas island peeking out above the Birch Bay state park.  Seeing it brings back all sorts of lovely memories of our boat camping days. Someday we'd love to be boat owners again and explore the islands through the fresh eyes of our boys.  It is extraordinary to experience life through the eyes of children and to look at things in the way that they see them when they learn about them for the first time.

 The Pacific Northwest beaches have the most beautiful colored rocks.

 I love chubby baby feet, especially when they belong to Little Brother.

 Birch Bay apparently has the warmest waters North of California, and it is common to see people swimming here even though it is the Pacific ocean.  The bay almost completely empties itself during low tide, so when the tide rises again and covers the sand that has been warmed by the sun, the temperature of the water is often quite comfortable.

 Blonde, sandy curls. Swoon!

 Looking across the bay towards the Gulf islands is in my opinion, one of the most relaxing views in the world.


  1. Hey, thanks for blogging again, I've missed you! And I must agree with you, Pacific Northwest is an awesome place to live.

  2. Welcome home!!! Glad to see you blogging those little boys of yours!!

  3. Glad to hear from you again! ~Twila

  4. Ahhh, I love your beach pictures! And the pics of the boys - such fun moments to capture! ~marty


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