Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Daily Life: March

It's incredible how fast life has been going since our move here to Saint Simons Island, GA.  The boys have both grown a lot since we left the Pacific Northwest.  Little Brother's too small bin is completely full and Little Mr. has grown a pants-size!  Little Brother is furniture walking and walks behind a walker, enjoying it fully.  Little Mr. is talking more than ever and randomly says big words like guacamole and underwear, as well as forming complete sentences.  He's completely potty trained at home, which is so nice.  We still take precautions in public, but I think he'll be done soon.  Who knows, potty training can be tricky!

It's spring here on Saint Simons and the azaleas are in bloom.  It's gorgeous!  There have been some nice sunny days recently and all sorts of birds are moving into the forest behind our house.  We see blue jays and cardinals on a regular basis, and of course the squirrels are still around and digging in the dirt for the acorns they hid who-knows how long ago.  Some of them are pretty scraggly and young, but several are finally fattening up and looking pretty cute.  It's nice to have the entertainment of watching them running through the trees chasing each other.  I imagine one is saying to the other "That was my acorn!  Give it back!"

A friend here on the island has lent us two big toys for the duration of our stay here.  They boys and I really appreciate that because now we can get some energy out during the day without having to walk to the parks.  Both of the boys love being outdoors and now our front sidewalk is a fun place to play.  The smaller of the two toys was also a push toy, and Little Brother took to walking behind it the very next day after it was given to us.  

Well, without further ado, here's Daily Life: March!

 Little Brother is getting more and more active.  He was stuck in the rungs of the computer stool and at first he thought it was funny, but when he realized he was truly stuck, he got quite upset! 

Little Mr. has really been loving search and find books recently, and I found this old Where's Waldo book at a used book store here in the village.  Believe it or not, he did find Waldo a couple of times without any help!  Oh, and that's his favorite shirt!

Sometimes when we are sitting at the breakfast table, the light coming through the trees out back just amazes me.  So beautiful.

MMM, gluten-free breakfast casserole!

 Little Brother is due for his first hair cut, but for now I like it how it is... I'm afraid the day we cut it he will turn into a toddler and not my little baby.  I love his soft neck folds and the fact that he still has baby-soft skin.

 We have to keep the front door closed at all times or Little Brother goes exploring.

 My 3 boys.

 Some of the azealas in the front bloomed closer to the beginning of the month.

 Lunch with friends at Mullet Bay Restaurant in the village.  This is Little Mr.'s new friend he calls "Fophie." ;)

 My little hat lover.

 Sittin' in the toy box.

 We had an impromptu play date when a friend came to drop off some toys for us to play with!  These two got along wonderfully, H is such a sweet boy.

The first time Little Brother "walked" like this.

 Just recently the azaleas out back went into full bloom, as well as some other bushes that I do not know the name for.  It is so beautiful back there!


  1. Love his Waldo shirt!!!! Little Brother looks like a whole different person than last time I saw him. And the outdoor shots look gorgeous. Thankfully, we've had a couple days of sunshine after all of our rain--otherwise I might have cried looking at your shots : )

  2. So nice to have some energy busters, especially with little boys! The sunshine through the trees and the azaleas are beautiful! God's creation is always so inspiring! ~ SJo

  3. Wow - ditto to what Brooke said: Little Brother has grown a bunch! So fun! Such pretty pictures too.

  4. Looks like you're enjoying your little family and your time down in Georgia...are you ready to come back to the PNW yet? Your little boys are so sweet, Coralee. Enjoyed seeing your photos!

    1. Yes, I'll miss it here, but also be glad to be back at home! :)


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