Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Visit from Uncle S and Aunt S

 Uncle S and my little boys get along like peas in a pod.

 The boys were taken on a nice walk by their Aunt and Uncle but none of the shots of the whole group turned out clear.

 Little Brother uses a big sippy cup now.  We're at Southern Soul again for BBQ... we take pretty much all of our company here because it is so yummy, and we're going to go into withdrawal when we have to move back home.

 Little Mr. gets to play with the iPhone whenever we are waiting for food at a restaurant.  It will be shock for him when Little Brother is old enough that he has to share!

 Uncle S and Aunt S.  We were so happy to have them come visit! 

 We also went to East Beach while they were here and one thing that was different on this visit was that we saw a lot of these good sized creatures making their way through the sand near the water.

 There is a snail like creature inside, and the shell is extremely smooth and shiny.  My guess is that it is because it spends much of its life burrowing through the sand in this manner and that shines up the shell.

 It was a clear blue day, not many other of our guests got to see weather this nice during their stay.  We had beautiful days the entire time.

 Uncle S surprised us all by renting a bike and child seat!  This photo is of Little Mr. right before they took off, but first Uncle S took Little Brother for a nice long ride which was so super adorable.  What's cuter than a baby on the back of a bike?  I took a video of it so I don't have any good photos to share, but as they arrived you could see Little Brother's head bobbing on his chest as he was fast asleep!  I'm guessing he slept for most of the ride, as he had been pretty grumpy earlier but was happy and adventurous after the ride.

 We improvised on the sand toys with a measuring cup and a plastic serving spoon!


  1. So good to "see" S and S! It's been too long. :) Your little guys are so cute; I'm glad I got this peek at them, too.

  2. Its fun for me to see S and S... it's been awhile. Lord willing, I'll get to see them this summer at the wedding, and hopefully you too! Those sand burrowing shiny shell guys are cool, I've never seen them before.


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